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Holistic Approach To Sleep Dentistry In Melbourne

It has been estimated that about 16% of the Australians in the age group of 18 and above suffer from the fear or phobia of visiting their dentist. This means that a large number of people suffer unnecessarily and to make the situation even worse, they can’t overcome their fear and cancel their appointment schedule also.

Do you feel anxious and worried while visiting a dentist? There is no need to avoid visiting a dentist because of your anxiousness or dental phobia. Sleep dentistry aims in providing mental calmness and relief to the anxious patients to make the dentist visit a positive, relaxing, and comfortable experience for them.

Sleep dentistry option is best for those, who suffer from dental anxiety. However, there are many other people who get benefited from this approach of dentistry. They are:

  • People who have an overactive gag reflex.
  • The patient whose medical or psychological conditions do not allow him to sit still.
  • People who want all his extensive treatment plans to be solved in a short duration.
  • The patient who finds it extremely difficult to be completely numb during the treatment.

The sleep dentistry service in Sunshine Dental Group gives sedation through an intravenous injection (IV) while you recline on the dental chair. This is administered by our experienced anaesthetist. It helps in inducing a deeply relaxed state of mind in which the awareness, pain and recollection are reduced, though you are in a conscious state.

Our highly qualified and experienced sleep dentist makes you so comfortable through this option of dentistry that time passes very quickly and you don’t remember what has

happened to you during the treatment procedure. Some patients do not even remember anything at all.

The experienced sleep dentist of Sunshine Dental Group offers this treatment to those patients who require some of the following services to make their treatment procedure comfortable:

  • Dental implant
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Mini implant
  • Multiple fillings
  • Children dentistry
  • Root canal treatment