Harry potter adult books


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  1. Dujar
    Dujar 2 years ago

    I need my face fucked like that!

  2. Zura 2 years ago

    Serious question for the straight guys here: Can someone manipulate you so much, you start questioning your sexuality?

  3. Kajigar 2 years ago

    He was still rude and made you feel ignored. It's great that he wanted to help someone but you can't neglect your spouse, the most important person in your life, at the same time. He could have kept the secret and still reassured his wife. I think marriage counseling is a good idea. His ego is so huge because he thinks he's a hero he refuses to acknowledge how much he hurt his wife. Maybe a neutral third party could help him see that.

  4. Akinolmaran 2 years ago

    Did the child get checked out?

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