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When To Keep Your Child Home From Daycare

We currently have spaces available for children to enjoy this very personalized attention in a developmentally conducive, spacious, clean, and enjoyable child care Ferntree gully.

We are like a small family. Every day we play, eat, and learn together. The children develop social skills with their peers, as well as with adults. We teach them discipline in their environment, as well as a sense of self discipline. They learn not to cry when their parents drop them off. We guide the children to develop a sense of their own individuality and independence, helping them to discover their self-confidence and character.

The Garden implements the effective tools of child development research from Stanford University and De Anza College.

De Anza College in Cupertino provides one of the most effective programs on this subject, and this is where our training is based.

Below are some quotes from their “Philosophy” web page, a philosophy that we practice here in The Garden. To see how we do this and what we offer, please visit our Menu links.

“Children grow and learn best when they are given opportunities to discover concepts themselves through experimentation, inquiry, and exploratory play.”

“Children enjoy growing and learning.”

“A child’s growth and education is the shared responsibility of parent and educator. Cooperation and communication between home and school is essential to the creation of an environment that fosters physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.”

“Children grow and learn best when they are both physically and mentally involved.”

“Children grow and learn best when they have opportunities for relationships with adults who show affection and respect for them and who are themselves creative, happy, self-reliant, and responsible.”

“Children grow and learn best in a warm, non-competitive environment.”

“Children grow and learn best when their fears and emotions are respected and when they are encouraged to identify and verbalize their feelings.”

child care ferntree gully



We have a tricycle to teach very young children coordinated motor skills, which include steering (arms) and pedalling (legs), skills that will be useful when they are ready to ride a bicycle or swim. And for the older children, well they just have a cool tricycle to ride.

Painting, Arts, & Crafts

Beads, puzzles, painting, colour pencil & crayon drawing. These are all fun to do. The child’s creativity is encouraged as he or she develops their hand/eye coordination and problem solving skills.


Here the children are introduced to a very interactive environment, in which they can have fun watching the results of their work blossom. Children will participate in the planting and caring of the garden. Every day they will help water the garden and observe how the plants are growing. Our supervisors engage the children in light discussions about gardening, so as to teach them about plants and get them thinking about how plants grow.

Playing Outside

Every day we play outside. We play on the jungle gym and in the back yard. We run around, throw the ball, and lots of other fun activities that ensure the children get plenty of exercise.


As part of our music curriculum, we play children’s songs and encourage our kids to dance along. Either CDs or a supervisor playing the piano, the kids really enjoy an upbeat song.